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To provide the highest quality of product and meet regulatory standards the Authority has determined the need for tank mixers for the Authority’s above ground water storage tanks. The Authority owns and operates six (6) tanks with a capacity of thirteen million gallons (13,000,000). Initially, the “Tank Mixer” program has a project completion schedule spread over a three (3) year period. The thought process was to implement the tank mixers in each of the Authority water tanks and rehabilitating and painting the tanks simultaneously with the installation of tank mixers. That strategy has been modified to accelerate the tank mixer implementation schedule to improve water quality.


Each above ground storage tank would have a high-volume submersible mixer thoroughly mixes potable water storage tanks, ensuring uniform distribution of disinfectant, preventing stratification, and providing uniform water age.

The tank mixer provides a way for the Authority as a public water provider to ensure our water meets the increasing Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and federal water quality regulations. Each mixer would sit on the bottom of the above ground storage tanks and provide a constant flow of water that in effect scrubs the floor and sides of the tank, constantly replacing the disinfectant and killing the bacteria in the most critical part of the water tank. The mixer units ar4 compatible with the Authority’s SCADA control system and is UL listed.


Figure 3. Continuous sheet-flow & near-laminar-flow mixers create a complete, homogenous tank mix throughout the entire water column including the important tank bottom and along the outer walls.


The Authority management is proposing that we install all six (6) of the tank mixers in fiscal year 2022. This would be accomplished by draining the tanks, cleaning the tanks prior to installation of the mixers. By having all tank mixer installations completed in 2022 would provide us with the desired effect on water quality on a short-term basis. This would also give us unfettered access to the tanks for a complete evaluation of the integrity of the interior surfaces for planned rehabilitation in years forward.

Rehabilitation of our above ground water tanks (6 in total) would be accomplished over the next three (3) to five 5 years (2023-2028) depending upon confirmed findings during the inspections of 2022. That next phase in tank rehabilitation for the next several years will incorporate complete tank blasting and painting (internal and external). This will be the basis of planned capital expenditures is governed by the high cost of such rehabilitation and budgeting of capital funds in the coming years. It would be prudent and demonstrate best management practices to budget the rehabilitation of all tanks over the next three (3) to five (5) years. These anticipated costs will be incorporated into the Authority’s Asset management Plan that will be developed and presented for Board consideration during fiscal year 2022.


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